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Farm to fork, family and fun

We are currently open, by appointment, for tours, daycare/camp/school visits, birthday parties and events - please contact us for availability

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Welcome to the Farm

What do you think of when I say “Farm”? Tractors & trailers? Field after field of a single crop, supported by fertilisers and pesticides? Tens of thousands of chickens kept in small spaces? Funny Duck’s Family Farm operates differently. We emphasise care of the land and the produce & animals we raise. We also emphasise care for our community and welcome you to visit. We believe in a community where we cooperate instead of competing; compliment instead of criticising.

ripe carrots inside white net sack


What our customers write about us

What an amazing gem! Adorable animals friendly staff and great actives

Had my daughters 4th birthday party here, and I highly recommend! Place was great, clean and amazing people! Her party was all set up inside for us and the kids got to play outside and pet animals!


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